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SlowBurn is my entry for the GMTK2020 Game Jam, exploring the theme "Out of Control".

This is a simple game of keeping the fires burning, but not allowing them to explode 'out-of-control'!

Click with the mouse to add a fire - you only have 10! Fire burns quickly but will spread on lighter coloured ground. Blue squares will burn very quickly indeed! You can only place fires where you can see.

How long will the fire burn for? Too much fire and everything burns up too quickly. Too little and you'll snuff out!

Inspired by Conway's Game of Life. RIP John Conway.

This game is written in PyGame on Linux, built on Windows 7 and tested on Windows 10.


Install instructions

Unzip the downloaded file. Double click on SlowBurn.exe


slow_burn.zip 20 MB

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